Who We Are

MegaChips, a global fabless company, fuses analog, digital and MEMS together to provide total solutions for the rapidly growing automotive and industrial equipment market.

business model

  • *ASIC:Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  • *ASSP: Application Specific Standard Produce
  • 1 Fabless company

    We concentrate our managing resources on R&D and new applications to create original technologies for value-added products.
    MegaChips is the only Japanese company ranked among the world top fabless IC suppliers.

    Established as Japan’s first fabless LSI company in 1990, MegaChips has developed numerous world-first technologies. We focus on cultivating cutting-edge technological competence and LSI solution development. We have launched original technologies and products that meet the needs of applications in a timely manner and garnered intense praise from domestic and overseas customers. We also established flexible and high reliable production structure taking advantage of our accumulated experience and know-how.

    Our business model

    Our business model

    Our integrated business system provides a broad support to meet customers various needs.

    We leverage our vast know-how in manufacturing process including LSI development, production management, quality control and shipment. From project start, we assist customers in planning and development to optimize functionality, ensure quality, reduce costs and facilitate production. Moreover, we select best equipment and production technology in cooperation with our foundries under the strict quality control, we achieve to provide high-quality products to our customers.


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    2  Innovative ASSP lineup

    By fusing analog, digital and MEMS technologies, we offer the best solutions to treat customer pain points.

    We integrate technologies and intellectual property (design assets) in the areas of analog, digital and MEMS technologies to deal with customer pain points. We make best use of our rich experience to continually offer high value-added solutions.

    Unique technology

    The number of patent registrations and applications *

    Our accumulated Intellectual Property (design assets) are the sources of our competitiveness.



    What is the analog/digital/MEMS timing technology?

    Digital allows you to compress massive volumes of data, and easily edit and process it with a computer, without causing deterioration of the quality. This merit has been the driver of the digitalization of electronic products.

    High-speed and accurate transfer of digitalized data (signal waveforms) is supported by the advanced analog circuit design technology (high-speed serial transfer technology). In other words, digital and analog are closely interconnected.

    All electronics devices operate with a number of electronic circuits. A timing device is essentially embedded in any electronics to generate reference signals (clock signals) at a constant frequency and thereby link all the electronic circuits and make them function properly. In the timing device market, the share of Silicon-based MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical System) with a semiconductor microfabrication technique is expanding.

    MegaChips’ unique products are a result of the fusion of these cutting-edge technologies.

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    3  ASIC solutions service

    Solution development to accelerate evolution of information society

    MegaChips provides semiconductor products indispensable to the devices such as automotive and industrial equipment in addition to PCs and smartphones.

    MegaChips service and support

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    4  Global network

    MegaChips’ superior products and support are renowned worldwide.

    As the world leader in the industry, we are continually growing, with new development and sales support systems now in the US, China and Taiwan.

    MegaChips’ global network

    MegaChips’ global network


    M&A and Business Expansion

    When MegaChips was founded, our business was more domestic-oriented, mainly focusing on leading Japanese manufacturers. We went international in 2013, after we merged with Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc., a semiconductor manufacturer. We have since aggressively pursued M&As and invested in R&D to globally expand our business especially in the burgeoning IoT market whose products include mobiles phones and wearables.

    We continue to enhance and evolve our R&D, sales, production functions to strengthen our business with major global companies.



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