MegaChips Uses Proprietary Technologies to Create Unique
Products in Images, Audio and Communications

MegaChips satisfies customers' needs on the basis of its proprietary technologies, researching and developing applied technologies to differentiate its products from competitors' products.
To ensure our superiority and uniqueness through research and development, we are promoting to secure our own intellectual property rights.

Development and solution capabilities built on a foundation of core technologies

R&D Policy:

Provide the system LSI in images, audio, and communications, and products for specific purposes in the IoT field, as well as solutions using the applicable products.

Business Expansion Based on Technology Platform

The major strength of MegaChips lies in "technology platform" business development, which is based on proprietary technologies.

We define the areas of images, audio and communications as target areas for applying our core technology. On the basis of the unique algorithms*1 and architectures*2 we have developed and accumulated over many years in these areas, we are researching and developing basic and applied technologies to achieve differentiation and respond to the medium and long-term needs of customers. Thus, we can implement cutting-edge functions that are out of the reach of other companies and can quickly and efficiently provide our corporate customers with ultra-small system LSIs featuring low power consumption.

  • *1An algorithm is a set of steps, procedures or methods to process data.
  • *2A structure refers to a hardware or software configuration for the implementation of an algorithm.

Leading the trend towards more compact sized LSIs

Leading the trend towards more compact sized LSIs

Smaller circuits offer many advantages for our customers, including energy savings and broader applications.

Major R&D themes

MegaChips focuses its resources on research and development in the areas of images, audio and communications. In the areas of gaming and entertainment consoles, digital cameras and LCD panels, we develop LSI products and basic technologies.

Development of LSI products

  • LSI for storing game software for portable game consoles
  • LSI for digital cameras
  • Timing controller LSI for liquid crystal panels
  • Analog front-end LSI
  • Intelligent sensor hub LSI
  • Intellectual property core and LSI for optical communications
  • Smart Connectivity LSI (DisplayPort)
  • MEMS timing devices
  • LSI for wired (coaxial and power line) multi-hop communications

Development of other products

  • Expansion of the functionality of and custom development of full digital video recording and transmission systems
  • Development of an additional product lineup for surveillance camera systems

Intellectual Property Strategy

Since MegaChips is a fabless manufacturer, our ideas, expertise, and other intellectual property derived from R&D activities constitute the foundation of our competitive advantage. Protecting our intellectual property rights will, therefore, lead to greater competitiveness and growth potential.

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, we filed patent applications such as image processing/data transfer for a liquid crystal panel controller, security for game consoles, wearable device/sensor technologies, and image recognition. Applications were also submitted for the patents for the basic and applied technologies for status estimation and deep learning/machine learning.

Patent Applications and Registrations by Region *1

Patent Applications and Registrations by Region

  • *1The number of cases shown are the cumulative total as of the end of March 2016.
  • *2"Others" denotes the number of applications for patents that are valid under international patent treaties in multiple countries where MegaChips may begin operations in the future.

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