President's Message

Akira Takata President and CEO

Since our founding in 1990 as Japan’s first fabless maker specializing in system LSIs, MegaChips Corporation has focused its resources on research and development to hone its unique technology and placed emphasis on building a comprehensive system that plans, develops and provides system LSIs for customers. Always motivated by our desire to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of our customers, we have combined our knowledge of applications and systems with our expertise in LSIs, thereby designing and generating outstanding system LSIs that meet the needs of customers and the times. Serving as a development partner for customers and supporting them as they overcome their problems or differentiate their products has been a great source of our growth.

With the advent of the IoT era where everything is connected to the Internet, the demand for semiconductors is expected to keep rising in years to come.

Considering it an opportunity for the Group’s further growth, we aim at becoming a bigger global player by pursuing expansion on two fronts: the stable ASIC business, which has a strong customer base, and the ASSP business, which has a competitive edge in emerging fields.

Concretely, in the ASIC business, in addition to the game console, digital camera, and office machine core fields, we will explore new and influential customers in new fields, both inside and outside Japan. More specifically, we will develop the “automotive” and “industrial machine” fields. In the former, the high-speed communication technology will play an important role to meet the needs for autonomous driving and safety-driving support systems. In the latter, the demand for factory automation systems and robotics that comprehensively link and control various kinds of information (e.g., operation processes, quality, progress), and therefore heighten productivity, is growing.
By making the best use of our core expertise, which includes unique high-speed communication intellectual property (design assets), we will further develop our ASIC business in these two new fields.

In the ASSP business, we will accelerate our projects of MEMS timing devices and Smart Connectivity targeting leading global firms in the equipment market, which is expected to grow further in the IoT era.

By aggressively bringing new products to the IoT, communication infrastructure, and automotive/industrial machine markets, we aim to become a global player, expand our businesses, and achieve sustainable growth.

Jun 2017
Akira Takata
President and CEO

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