BlueChip PLC Fully IEEE1901 compliant broadband PLC communication LSI

BlueChip PLC Fully IEEE1901 compliant broadband PLC communication LSI

BlueChip PLC

BlueChip PLC

Utilizing existing wiring, like conventional electrical wiring or twisted pair and coaxial cable, BlueChip PLC transforms legacy circuitry into a state-of-the-art IoT application.

Model number
: KL5BPLC200WMP(Complete)


KL5BPLC200WMP is the world’s first fully compliant IEEE 1901 single chip HD-PLC Powerline Communications (PLC) IC. It provides the smallest form factor, highest performance and lowest power of any available PLC solution. BlueChip PLC enables various network applications, such as security camera, lower cost implementation by its broadband and stable communication.

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  • Fast communication thanks to a PHY speed up to 240 Mbps

    Fast communication thanks to a PHY speed up to 240 Mbps
    The fast 240 Mbps PHY throughput supports a wide range of applications, from sensor networks to Full HD movie distribution.
  • Use existing wiring to reduce installation costs

    Use existing wiring to reduce installation costs
    No additional construction is necessary because BlueChip PLC uses existing wiring. The end results are vastly reduced installation costs and assured connectivity even in heavily walled structures, which can often interfere with standard wireless networks.
  • Fully IEEE1901 compliant

    Fully IEEE1901 compliant
    BlueChip PLC conforms to IEEE1901 and does not interfere with other data streams in the wiring.


Replace analog security cameras with IP cameras

Replace analog security

Replace legacy analog cameras with advanced IP cameras by leveraging existing electrical wiring or coaxial cabling.

Specification & Materials

Product number KL5BPLC200WMP
PLC Frequency 2-28MHz
Modulation Wavelet OFDM
PHY/MAC Fully IEEE1901 compliant
PHY rate 240 Mbps (max. PHY Rate)
Error correction Reed-Solomon+Convolution Code Viterbi Decode, LDPC-CC
CPU ARM946E-S 16 Kbyte Instruction Cache
System Clock 125MHz
Peripheral I/F GPIO, UART, MII
Power consumption Full access 0.49W(Typ)
Power Save mode 0.07W
Power supply 1.2, 3.3V
Operating temperature -40 - 85?C
Encryption AES-128bit
Package TQFP, 144pin, 16x16mm
Materials Brochure(650KB)
  • Maximum PHY speed of 240 Mbps
  • Widely used for Smart Grid, HEMS, BEMS, MEMS, FEMS, AMR, AMI and other systems
  • Development platform containing communications evaluation kit, software development kit and tools for verifying communication performance
  • Partner company for providing module equipped with BlueChip PLC to reduce personnel costs

Development Kit

The following development platforms are available:

  • BlueChip PLC Evaluation Kit

    • - Performance evaluation guide
    • - Speed test program [Net Test]
    • - Tool manager (and Manual)
    • - Power control tool (and Manual)
    • - Reference design (BOM, Schematic)
    • - Evaluation board [Dolphin-VoC]
    • ※ Complete : 2unites

    BlueChip PLC Development Kit

    • - Parameter specifications
    • - External Command I/F Manual
    • - Reference design (Layout)
    • - MasterROM Image making tool
    • - MasterROM Image making tool manual
    • - Sample firmware (Object code)
  • Evaluation Board [Dolphin-EoC]

    BlueChip PLC通信評価kit 「Mole」 ※本KitはSDKには含まれません。