Real-time automatic power measurement system

The need to protect the environment has been growing in recent years. With global warming and energy exhaustion among other issues, the issues of how to produce electric power and how to efficiently use it throughout society constitute a major challenge.

As part of our action to address this challenge, we have commercialized a real-time automatic power measurement system. It offers visual data on electrical consumption within a facility to support efficient energy management.

We also consider applications other than the "visualization" of electric power. This would combine the communication technologies of the MegaChips hybrid communications technology currently used for this system.

Advantages expected from introduction

Visualizing power consumption to discover waste

The system supports extensive power measurement, including measurement by each device or each floor. It helps develop specific measures to cut power and energy consumption at the facility.

Reduce the cost and effort of installation work

Adopting a brand-new hybrid communications technology based on a combined use of wireless and power-line based communications, the system requires no complicated and costly communication wiring work. The measuring equipment is so compact that it is easy to install and uninstall.

Our unique hybrid technology

Our unique hybrid technology

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