frizz Motion Engine & Sensor-HUB IC

frizz Motion Engine & Sensor-HUB IC

frizz Motion Engine & Sensor-HUB IC

Precise motion-detection and healthcare solutions for smartphones and wearables

Get more sensor performance with frizz

frizz with DSP (digital signal processor) core is our next-generation sensor-hub LSI for low-power, high-end arithmetic processing. frizz delivers high-speed signal processing for state detection and location positioning with motion sensors as well as biological sensor analysis. The ideal solution for navigation, healthcare and fitness applications, frizz opens up new possibilities for smart devices and wearables.



  • Low power

    Low power
    MegaChips original designed DSP core named "ParaForce" performs high-end arithmetic processing at a low clock rate with minimal power consumption.
  • Highly versatile

    Highly versatile
    frizz offers motion recognition, status detection and PDR (Pedestrian Dead-Reckoning) using motion sensors, and works with biological sensors to monitor vital physical signs.
  • Easy development

    Easy development
    Eclipse-based development environment is ideal for programmers already familiar with C/C++.
  • 32-bit DSP motion engine ParaForce.
  • Supports signal-processing for motion sensors (e.g., accelerators, gyroscopes) and biological sensors for-heart-rate detection and more.
  • Joint development of PDR algorithm with AIST (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
  • Reduced host-processor load and lower overall power consumption
  • Evaluation board for wearable devices and software debugging

Target Devices

  • Smart devices

    Intelligent sensor hub delivers advanced features, such as indoor navigation and low-power requirements.

    Smart devices

  • Wearables

    Advanced frizz makes the perfect CPU for ultra-small devices used in healthcare and fitness applications.


Installed Inventory

frizz is introduced into various products.

Installed Inventory

Application Examples

  • Indoor navigation

    Use frizz to develop applications for indoor navigation in areas where GPS fails. frizz works with acceleration, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensors to estimate speed and direction, providing accurate location information in underground malls and parking garages.

    Indoor navigation

  • Healthcare and fitness

    Detect speed and distance as well as measure heart rate. Create a running-coach application that measures arm motion and swing speed, or determines if a person has fallen down.

    Healthcare and fitness

Specification & Materials

CPU 32bit DSP Motion engine "ParaForce"
Max. Frequency 40MHz
RAM Instruction RAM : 256KB
Data RAM : 256KB
Power voltage Core 1.2V
IO 1.8/2.5/2.8/3.3V
Power save mode Sleep/Stop/Standby mode
Power Consumption Active: 8.3mA@40MHz
Sleep(fast): 1mA@40MHz
Sleep(slow): 150uA@100kHz
Standby: 8.3uA
External interface Host CPU Interface : SPI or I2C
Dual Purpose RAM (32bit x 64word)
Device interface UART x1, SPI x1 (4 devices control)
I2C x1, GPIO x4
Package 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 0.65mm
  • •Timer 32bit x4
  • •Dual Purpose RAM(32bitx64Word) : FIFO mode or Snap Shot mode
  • •Self Boot from SPI Flash memory
  • •Host CPU Download boot
  • •JTAG debug

Evaluation Kit

Chignon, evaluation 
board for wearable devices

  • Small-sized board is available for the evaluation intended for the final product after programming with the debug board.
  • Battery-driven board is ideal for the demonstration and the field test.

Chignon, evaluation board for wearable devices

Development Environment

Supports Eclipse-based IDE and Programmer can use C/C++ as programming language.
We provide various SDK to facilitate the development of smartphones and wearable devices.

  • Eclipse based IDE
  • Based on GCC4.2.0
  • Support C++
  • Standard C library (Newlib)

Development Environment