Games/Digital Home Appliances

LSIs for Game Consoles

Game consoles are communication tools that offer fun with family members and friends, for enriched lifestyles. Characters and backgrounds in the gaming world move beautifully and smoothly on the screen.

MegaChips offers LSIs that support game consoles.

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Game software storage LSI (custom memory) with high capacity, low cost and low power consumption.

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch are the trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Image Processing LSIs for Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are in widespread use today.

MegaChips' image processing LSIs realize world-class speed, quality, noise reduction and backlight compensation.

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LSIs with the Pixessor™ image processing units that support up to 64 megapixel image sensors and feature both high-speed performance based on hardware processing and flexibility close to that of software processing.

LSIs for LCD Panels

Demand for LCD televisions is growing in huge emerging markets. Recently, Chinese LCD panel manufacturers has been increasing production, and they show the strong presence in the world market.

MegaChips excels in data transmission interface LSIs embedded in LCD televisions, large-screen displays, laptop computers and tablets and has sales records to various companies. For the fast growing emerging markets, we will continuously provide high -function and cost-effective ASSP products not only for the LCD TV, but high-performance applications including laptops and tablets as well.

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