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Functions, quality, cost and lead time...
MegaChips offers optimal solutions that resolve issues with customers' products.

MegaChips develops and supplies creative products based on analog and digital technologies accumulated over many years.

We have also established a fully integrated support system, covering everything from product specifications and logic design to physical design, production and quality, to enable us to meet our customers needs as quickly as possible.

System LSIs based on unique technologies (algorithms and architectures)

MegaChips engineers, with extensive expertise in LSIs and systems, integrate the many different functions required for customer system devices into a single chip, called a system LSI. We offer state-of-the-art system LSIs with compact and power-saving features designed exclusively for specific customers to propose unique and optimal solutions that solve customers' problems.We secure our competitiveness by inventing unique algorithms and architectures, which significantly impact on product performance and price. We own patents and other intellectual property on most of our products.That considerably improves not only the performance of customers' devices but also their cost effectiveness. We provide our services in very close contact with our customers.

Key Examples of Market-Driven Products Featuring our Patented Technologies


Image processing LSI devices for digital cameras with technologies for

  • pixel interpolation, color adjustment, noise elimination and other image processing technologies for high-quality, optimized pictures
  • enabling processing circuits that support a range of image-capturing sensors
  • reducing power consumption required for the high-speed processing of large volumes of data associated with the use of high-resolution sensors
    (Ultra high-speed image processing unit (Pixessor™))


MegaChips tailors its LSI development to customer needs by accepting the project at multiple development phases, ranging from project proposals based on requirements or specifications to implementation of design data such as RTL and netlists designed by customers.

Products Lineup

Products Lineup

ASIC Product Series Lineup

      Supply Voltage  
  Series Name Process CORE I/O Max. Metal Layer
Standard Cell K28 28nm 0.9V 1.8 / 2.5V 10
K40 40nm 1.1V 2.5 / 3.3V 10
K55 55nm 1.2V 2.5 / 3.3V 9
K65 65nm 1.0 / 1.2V 2.5 / 3.3V 9
KS8500 90nm 1.0V 3.3V 9
KS7700 0.11μm 1.2V 2.5 / 3.3V 8
KS7500 0.13μm 1.2V 3.3V 8
KS6500 0.15μm 1.5V 3.3V 7
KS6000 0.18μm 1.8V 3.3V 6
Gate Array KG850 90nm 1.0V 3.3V 9
KG750 0.13μm 1.2V 3.3V 8
KG600 0.18μm 1.8V 3.3V 6

* Other supply voltage levels (I/O) are available. Please contact us for more information.

For meeting more extensive customers needs

IP macros

MegaChips offers a wide variety of intellectual property (IPs), including innovative proprietary IPs for images and communications and IPs provided by partners, contributing to functionality advancement and lead time reduction.

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MegaChips offers a broad range of packages to meet customers' product requirements.

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