Financial Results

Q. Where can I find the latest financial information?
Q. When do you announce your financial results?
Our fiscal year ends on March 31. We also announce quarterly results. Please see the "IR Calendar" for a detailed schedule.
Q. When is your "quiet period"?
To prevent leaks of information about earnings releases that could affect the stock price, as well as to ensure fairness, MegaChips institutes an "IR quiet period." The period covers from five business days prior to the closing date (inclusive) to the earnings announcement for each quarter. During this period, the company refrains from making comments involving financial performance. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
However, information covered by laws and regulations and timely disclosure rules will be disclosed even during this "quiet period" and management will respond to inquiries about this information.
Q. Are there any effects by the exchange rate fluctuations?
Certain business transactions of the MegaChips Group are denominated in foreign currencies, mainly US dollars. For this reason, foreign exchange fluctuations may directly affect operating performance.
The MegaChips Group takes steps to mitigate exchange rate risks by using derivatives, including foreign exchange forward transactions, as necessary.

Business Descriptions

Q. Could you describe your business?
Q. What are the advantages and characteristics of your business?
We focus on R&D of state-of-the-art algorithms and our innovative technology and products in image processing, audio and communications are highly valued both from domestic and overseas customers. We use low-power design and image processing and communication technology to offer advanced products indispensable for the efficient development IoT devices.

Please see the "Who We Are" for more details.
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