MEMS Timing Device

It’s only a matter of time before we make quartz obsolete

That's how many of our timing devices are being used today. They are in the smartphone in your pocket, the tablet on your desk, the camera on your helmet, the cockpit on your flight, and the earthquake detection system near your home.

SiTime's MEMS timing devices provide the heartbeat in electronics. You can't see them, but your world couldn't operate without them.

SiTime Corporation, a market leader in MEMS timing and an equity method affiliate of MegaChips Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6875), offers MEMS-based silicon timing system solutions. SiTime’s configurable solutions offer a rich feature set that enables customers to differentiate their products with high performance, small size, low power, and high reliability. By using standard semiconductor processes and high-volume packaging, SiTime offers short lead times and can meet unforecasted demand. With over 1 billion devices shipped, SiTime is changing the timing industry.

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