LCD Timing Controller

Sophisticated, high-definition LCDs at your fingertips

We leverage our vast experience in analog design technology to bring you LCD Timing Controller (T-Con) for a wide variety of input and output interfaces, such as HDTVs and smart devices.


  • Over 15 years experience in delivering timing controllers
  • Superior quality and reliability
  • Wide range of products for TVs and displays, from HDTV to 4KTV
  • Wide range of products for tablets and laptops, from Full HD to 4K2K
  • Interface support for LVDS, V-by-One HS, eDP; connectable to graphics processors and scalers
  • Available in ASSP and custom ASIC chips


  • TVs
  • Laptops computers
  • Smartphones
  • Car navigation
  • Monitors
  • Tablets
  • Digital signage

...and other LCD panels


Product Lineup


F series F44K2K and Full HD 240 Hz with built-in Over Drive / V-by-One® HS
F3Frame Rate Converter (FRC) and 3D format Converter / LVDS
F2Full HD 120 Hz with built-in Over Drive / LVDS
F1Full HD 60 Hz with built-in Over Drive / LVDS
W series W1HD 60 Hz with Over Drive / LVDS
T series T1Full-HD 60 Hz simple product / LVDS
M series M1De-MURA for Full HD / LVDS

Notebook PC/Tablet

S series S15Compatible with eDP 1.4a 2.7 Gbps
N series N25Compatible with eDP 1.4a 2.7 Gbps for Full HD

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