Extra Edition1From the Interview with Shindo

Bring Passion into Fostering Human Resources


When he was asked “what are the best things in life?” Shindo answers without hesitation, “keep challenging yourself”. He believes that real happiness comes from three fundamental principles, the first is “sticking to what you want to do”, and “if you find something you really want to do, do it so you have no regrets”.
Next he believes that “life is meaningful only when you try” and it is important to keep yourself challenged and never to give up. To accomplish something no matter how old you are you must continue to try even in the face of adversity and resistance.
Shindo also believes that you need to “learn your lesson”, it is very important to admit your mistakes and learn from them. This requires courage and strength but creates the opportunity of continued growth and continued improvement.

Passing on his knowledge and understanding to the next generation of leaders has been a passion of Shindo. For many years he has lectured and written articles and textbooks on both the theoretical and practical aspects of business and life. This tough but rewarding job has been his passion for many years and be strongly believes that it is his moral obligation to help the future leaders learn from him.

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