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We will promote the understanding and implementation of our corporate philosophy, recognizing the respect for human rights as the foundation of all our business activities.

Human Rights Initiatives

We respect the individuality and diversity of each person and outline our approach to the respect of human rights in our corporate philosophy and corporate code of conduct, clearly prohibiting discrimination against gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, creed or religion, forced labor, child labor, and harassment, and promote the creation of an environment that generates various new values where a diverse workforce can fully demonstrate their capabilities.
These initiatives apply to every single officer and employee of MegaChips, and we demand that all the stakeholders, including our business partners and all related parties, observe that human rights be respected and not infringed upon.


  • Secure a healthy and safe environment
    We make an effort to create a safe and healthy working environment so that our entire workforce can fully demonstrate their capabilities. We properly manage employees’ working hours, vacations, holidays, and wages according to laws and regulations.

  • Respect human rights and proactively promote the understanding of human rights
    We provide training to raise basic awareness about harassment.

  • Respect for privacy and thorough management of personal information
    We comply with all applicable national and local laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, handling personal information scrupulously.

  • Address any activities in business that negatively affects human rights
    We encourage our business partners, including suppliers and customers, to not infringe on human rights.

Improvement of Corporate Governance System

Understanding that sustainable growth requires us to have the confidence of our stakeholders, we continuously work to improve corporate governance to maintain sound corporate management with greater transparency and efficiency.

Reinforcement of Risk Management

Please see below for the risks pertaining to our operations and other matters that may have a material impact on the financial position and the cash flow of MegaChips Group that we have identified.

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