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Manufacturing (Monozukuri)

Enabling the creation of reliable customer products with Japanese Monozukuri quality

Production: Monozukuri as a Fabless Company

We provide the best solutions to our customers.

MegaChips has been a pioneer in using wafer foundries within the ASIC industry.
Since our founding in 1990, we have adopted a fabless business model and established a comprehensive support system from planning and development to production and supply.
We have built a solid relationship with foundry partners, as well as a robust supply chain in terms of manufacturing and quality. With optimal manufacturing plans of a wide range of processes, and a backup line with a lot of flexibility, we provide high-quality products that satisfy customer needs.

Quality: An Important MegaChips Value

We contribute to our customers’ success through our high-quality products.

Our system solutions aim for advantageous quality in our customer products.
We promise to improve the quality of our products and solutions, not only from planning, and R&D, but also to production, delivery, and all related services to ensure customer satisfaction.


MegaChips Procurement Policy

In order to comply with laws, regulations, and social norms while fulfilling our responsibilities, we have established a corporate code of ethics and corporate standards of conduct to thoroughly promote awareness within the company.

MegaChips Procurement Policy

MegaChips Green Procurement

We regard the promotion of global environmental conservation as one of our most important factors of our business management and are actively working on green procurement that aims to reduce the environmental impact.
We have established “MegaChips Green Procurement Guidelines” to prioritize procurement of environmentally friendly parts and materials from the suppliers who are active in environmental conservation.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Responsible Minerals Procurement

To not take part in the infringement of human rights, the destruction of the environment, and all other forbidden actions within the supply chain, we have established “MegaChips Policy on Conflict Minerals” for the purpose of procuring conflict-free materials from high-risk areas, while actively working to learn about more responsible methods of minerals procurement.

Conflict Minerals Policy


We provide high added value to customers through challenging advanced technology development and the creation of new markets.

MegaChips pursues strategic partnerships and capital alliance with startups that have cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and are actively working on new businesses.
We expand into new business fields, including infrastructure, logistics, and agriculture, by strengthening the technological capabilities that we have accumulated over the years.

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