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We provide high value-added products and services through investments and business collaborations in innovative fields such as telecommunications and AI.

In the telecommunications and AI fields, new technologies are required due to rapid innovations that revolutionize society.
Since our founding in 1990 as Japan’s first fabless system LSI company, MegaChips has created and will continue to create higher value-added products and services to provide world-class solutions.
This will be done by combining introduced technology with our proprietary technology accumulated through wide-ranging activities of business and development, along with the know-how acquired through close collaboration with innovative overseas institutions that have unique and advanced technology.

Partnership Agreement

Morse Micro

We have formed an alliance with Morse Micro in Australia and are working on new solutions, strategic early market entry, and driving market growth of the fastest, smallest, lowest power, and longest-range Wi-Fi HaLow™.

  • Partnership agreement with Morse Micro

Target Applications

  • Target Applications

We aim to incorporate our solutions in various industrial equipment fields, including home and building automation, access point and home gateway, retail and logistics, consumer IoT, video, mobile devices, and automobiles.

Use Cases

  • Use Cases-Smart city

    Smart city

  • Use Cases-Factory automation

    Factory automation

  • Use Cases-Home network

    Home network


“Chimera General Purpose Neural Processing Unit” (GPNPU), which Quadric independently developed, can provide high performance computing regardless of sensor types. Conventional AI engines usually only run at high speed in neural networks while off-loading pre-processing and boundary processing onto a host system. However, with Quadric’s technology, it is possible to run at high speed with pre-processing, boundary processing, and neural network inference on a single hardware unit.
This unique ability that can support all kinds of data processing will allow for the accommodation of new types of neural networks released in the future without any hardware changes, regardless of the applications.


  • Scalability for both low power consumption and accuracy
  • Accelerate entire steps of AI pipeline processing
  • Flexible architecture to support the evolution of AI models
  • IPs for silicon implementation
  • Software development kits available


  • AI inferencing
  • Pre/Post data processing
  • Image processing
  • Recombination of signal processing paths


BrainChip has developed a neuromorphic processor for edge applications. This product uses low power consumption without affecting the computing performance by implementing sparse data. A smaller footprint and low power consumption makes this product an optimal solution for large-scale applications. With technical knowledge of both software and hardware acquired through training by BrainChip, MegaChips will evaluate BrainChip products through customer products.
MegaChips supports customers through the licensing of hardware and SDK, consulting of neural network models, and final design of silicon implementation throughout the entire cycle of product development.


  • Lower power consumption: μW ~ mW
  • On-chip learning: Re-leaning unnecessary on a cloud
  • Total support of system development
  • IPs for silicon implementation
  • Software development kits available


  • Keyword spotting
  • All time monitoring
  • Age verification
  • Person/object classification
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