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We provide module products according to customer demand, based on the core technologies
that we have cultivated in semiconductor products.

Module Service

We develop the semiconductor prototypes of MegaChips and our partner companies, maintaining an environment for continuous evaluation.

We add functions to meet customer needs and quickly conduct prototyping and mass production while assuring product performance.

Main Features

  1. Comprehensive support system
    Integrated support from the examination of concepts and module specifications, based on the customer’s product image and idea, to manufacturing.

  2. Modularized semiconductor products of MegaChips and partner companies
    We provide ready-to-use module products for our customers.

  3. Customization
    We can customize our standard module products when specification changes or additional peripheral boards are needed.

Procedure of the Module Service (prototyping)

  • Flow of Module Service

Module Products

We modularize our semiconductor products as well as our partners’ products.
We provide module products that passed testing in accordance with various regulations as mass-produced products.
We also provide evaluation modules for customers to evaluate our semiconductor products.

Wireless Communication

  • Long-range transmission Wi-Fi HaLow™ (IEEE802.11ah)

Long-range transmission Wi-Fi HaLow™ (IEEE802.11ah)

Optimal wireless communication solution for next-generation IoT

MegaChips is the sole manufacturing and sales partner for Australian semiconductor company Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ IC. Morse Micro’s transceiver ICs achieve long-range, high-capacity communication and low power consumption, allowing for battery-driven operation.
Please contact us for Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow™IC.

High-Speed Wired Communication

  • 100BASE-T1 PoDL Ethernet PHY

100BASE-T1 PoDL Ethernet PHY

A new form of Ethernet that implements the reduction of wires and saves space

A pair of UTP cables enabling 100Mbps communication. We achieve high-speed communication with a lighter and lower-cost wire harness.

  • 100BASE-T1/TX Media Conversion

100BASE-T1/TX Media Conversion

Enables evaluation of communication for 100BASE-T1 with conventional devices

We implement wire reduction and space saving in small areas of the system by converting 100BASE-TX to 100BASE-T1, enabling 100Mbps communication through UTP cables used in industrial controllers.

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