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Activities within the Company


MegaChips considers a workplace where employees can work safely to be very important for business continuity. This not only reduces risk to our own business continuity, but also contributes to that of our customers. In pursuit of this, we promote diverse work styles.
For that reason, we have prepared a variety of work style options that employees can choose from, including full flex time, work-from-home arrangements, various leave systems, and a side job system. Additionally, we make efforts to create a comfortable working environment and develop human resources through educational programs led by outside professionals, language support systems, and career development opportunities.


MegaChips is working to create not only a framework that allows its female employees to play an active role, thereby developing their careers and exercising their leadership skills, but also a work environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, can balance work and life while demonstrating their abilities.

“Make Our Own Paths” Project

  1. Self-awareness
    ・Enhance the ability to think about how one wants to be and what one wants to do
  2. Decide on one’s own career plan
    ・Design life and career plan
    ・Commit oneself to the career plan
  3. Management perspective
    ・The importance of thinking from the standpoint of the organization or company, surpassing the scope of one’s own job
  • Empowerment Program

Empowerment Program

The women’s program offers an opportunity to think about career and work, providing opportunities for the empowerment of female employees such as improving skills in leadership and addressing health issues.

Work Style Reform

MegaChips actively fosters an environment where diverse individuals can work energetically. We continue to refine our work style to respect diversity, enabling us to create new values and contribute to society.

Flexible Work Style

The employees can choose a flexible working style regardless of time, place, or employment type.

Work-Life Balance Support

We offer a work-life balance program to all our employees, enabling them to harmonize life events and work responsibilities effectively.

Career Development Support

We support every employee in their pursuit of the career development goals they wish to accomplish.

  • Work Style Reform

*1 A system that allows one to work 75% of a full-time job. This makes 4-day work weeks or 6-hour workdays possible.
Special leave granted for menstrual-related health or fertility treatment.

Internal programs to promote diversified working styles and participant testimonials

Childcare Leave

Example of paternity leave

Voice of employee (Male, 30s, 3rd year with the company)

It was a period of time when I came to the full realization of what is important for me. When I've considered taking the paternity leave, I felt uncomfortable to ask my co-workers to do things for me and felt frustrated that I could not follow through. However, my colleagues repeatedly encouraged me to try it and as a result, I could experience an irreplaceable time in my life. I’ve learned a lot of new things and made wonderful memories during paternity leave, which I could not even imagine it was for a couple of months. Those were the days filled with happiness. For those who will have an opportunity to receive child leave, I would strongly recommend them to take it. And I will work hard both in my professional and private life so that I can support my colleagues.

Work from Home/Nursing Care

Example of childcare and caregiving while working from home

Voice of employee (Male, 50s, 9th year with the company)

I am currently looking after my father who lives alone. He goes to the senior day care center every day, and it takes around 2 hours each time to send him off, clean, do laundry, as well as commute myself, so I am utilizing the company’s work from home program. I have prepared myself for the day that I would take care of my father, but it takes more than I’ve expected. Without the work from home program, I would never have been able to keep working so I really appreciate it.

Work from Home/Full Flex Time

Example of maintaining a work-life balance with work from home and complete flextime

Voice of employee (Female, 30s, 14th year with the company)

When I returned to work from my maternity leave, I had a chance to think deeply about why I work. Based on that, I was able to discuss with my company how I can keep working, ideally for a long time, without difficulty and they offered me flexible support. Even if it is unprecedented, we can try as long as it is a positive request. This is the good thing about MegaChips.

Flexible Working System

Example of preparing for a second career by choosing a 75% work style

Voice of employee (Male, 50s, 9th year with the company)

I’ve chosen this program as a preparation period because I want to start a new career after retirement. Even though this is the preparation period, I am very happy that I can start designing a specific life plan with a clear vision while I still have my willingness and motivation to go through trial-and-errors. Starting a new life brings me the opportunity to have new relationships with outside people. The future plan that has been a bit vague is becoming more specific, and I feel happy that I could get started on a new challenge. As for work, I can take a fresh look at it and see how I can contribute to the team and the company. Now I’m having fulfilling days, both in my professional life and private life.

Second Job

Example of having a second job

Voice of employee (Male, 40s, 16th year with the company)

I currently run a business as a self-employed person using the second-job program.
I truly feel that I am being able to expand my perspective by using this program. The knowledge and experience are one thing, but personally, the biggest advantage is that I can broaden my network. In every job, human-to-human interactions are fundamental, so broadening connections with people can help me enhance my work at MegaChips.

  • Work Style Reform

Human Resource Development

We create an environment where employees can think proactively and autonomously about their career development, continuously learning so that they can demonstrate the maximum of their abilities.

  • Human Resource Development

Funding for the Acquisition of a Doctoral Degree/MBA

This system is designed to support employees pursuing doctoral degrees and MBAs while working. We provide full tuition support (up to 1 million JPY per year) and adjust work schedules to ensure they can secure adequate study time.

Career Development Leave

This system is designed to support employees who take leave to enter a university, academic institution, or even to concentrate on obtaining qualifications. There is no limit on the topics one can study.

Early Training for Global-Oriented Personnel

At least six months after joining the company, we evaluate our employees' motivation and performance. If they meet our criteria, we send them to study abroad or participate in joint research at overseas universities, as well as work at our international subsidiaries, aiming to develop global personnel early on in their careers.

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