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Application Specific Integrated Circuit LSI

Benefits We Provide

Our mission is to encourage customers’ competitiveness.

MegaChips provides game-changing solutions that achieve customers to experience necessary functions, performance, and quality.
Leveraging IP and foundries around the world with our integrated support for planning, development, manufacturing, and supply, we respond to the various issues of customers including the cost, development period, and project management.

  • Technology and Solution

Technology and Solution

  • Function/Performance/Quality


  • Function/Performance/Quality

Access to IP and Foundries around the World

  • Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

  • Shorten Development Period

Shorten Development Period

  • Appropriate Project Management

Appropriate Project Management

Development Method and Flow

We support various interfaces from the product planning to the stage of mass production.

  • Development Method and Flow


We accelerate product development by using our own technology and working with IP vendors around the world.

  • Technology


The ideas and technology that solve product issues.

  • Solution

Manufacturing (Monozukuri)

  • Manufacturing (Monozukuri)

MegaChips leverages unique core technology to respond to customer needs, providing safe and reliable products with Japanese Monozukuri quality through our advanced development capability and technology.

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