Who We Are

1990 was the year when Japanese electronic giants rapidly increased capital investment in DRAM production and dominated the global semiconductor market. MegaChips emerged as Japan’s first fabless semiconductor manufacturer to provide solutions of innovative system LSI.
Support the business success of customers with creative technology and innovative solutions.
This concept has been one of our unchanging core values.


We contribute to enhance your competitiveness with our system LSI (SoC).

System LSIs where various functions and systems are integrated in 1 chip. Our development mission is to help our customers to develop innovative products.
MegaChips provides chip solutions that fulfilled various requirements including power consumption, cost, and time-to-market, while achieving breakthrough functions and performance by fusing knowledge of LSI and applications for problems in device development.

Creation of innovative functions and performance Mega Chips
LSI knowledge
Application knowledge
Downsizing Reduced production cost Low power consumption Reduced time-to-market Enhance competitiveness


We enrich our lives and support development of industry.

MegaChips helps to build a better society by developing high performance LSIs.


We focus on basic research and applied technology as a fabless R&D manufacturer.

As a fabless manufacturer focusing on R&D, MegaChips has accumulated intellectual property and holds numerous patents of original technology and concepts.

Analog Reduce deterioration of conversion of analog and digital signals and achieve high-efficiency and high-performance data transmission
Digital Achieve advanced arithmetic processing in low power with development of original algorithms

The number of patent registrations and applications*

U.S.A Europe Others Asia Japan
*Numbers represent totals as of March 31,2023


We accelerate growth by focusing on the areas of industrial equipment, telecommunications and AI.

Currently, MegaChips is focusing on the growth areas of industrial equipment such as Factory Automation, telecommunications including automotive, and AI. With the rapid growth of digitalization in these fields, we are moving forward with product development using our original high-speed wired communications technology.

Expected number of IoT devices * (Unit: 100 million units)

* Source : IHS Technology
・Information based on IHS Markit, Technology Media & Telecom Group, IoT Devices & Connectivity Market Tracker Q3 2018. Information is not an endorsement of MegaChips Corporation. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk. Visit technology.ihs.com for more details.