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Wi-Fi HaLow™ Product


Overview of Wi-Fi HaLow™

Wi-Fi HaLow™ is one of the low-power wide-area (LPWA) communication methods using 920 MHz band.
We offer cutting-edge products that contribute to the world through collaboration with Morse Micro who develops Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions.

Please visit Morse Micro's website for Wi-Fi HaLow™ products.

Features of Wi-Fi HaLow™

  1. Long-range transmission
    The communication range is beyond 1 km, well beyond the reach of conventional Wi-Fi protocols.
    This enables us to build a home network even outdoors such as in parking lots.

  2. Transmission speed
    The transmission bandwidth can reach several Mbps, whereas it is limited to about 100 Kbps in traditional LPWA communications.
    Video and image transferring is also possible in the system, which previously only supported the transfer of sensor data.

  3. IP communication
    Like traditional Wi-Fi, IP communication using TCP/IP is possible, so access to the cloud via an access point is feasible without a gateway in the communication system.
    It also supports the WPA3 security protocol.

Comparison Table

Wi-Fi HaLow™ achieves the fastest transmission speed among traditional LPWA communication methods.
It is also equipped with total specs of outstanding performance among license-free communications that are free to install.

Criteria Wi-Fi HaLow™ LoRa WAN Wi-SUN SigFox NB-IoT
Frequency band Sub-1GHz Sub-1GHz Sub-1GHz Sub-1GHz Sub-1GHz
Transmission speed ~Several Mbps ~50Kbps ~300Kbps ~600bps ~62Kbps
Communication range ~1.0km ~10km ~1.0km ~40km ~10km
Connection type


Star Star/Mesh Star Star
Form of use Free installation Free installation Free installation Supplied by carrier Supplied by carrier

Wi-Fi HaLow™ Product List

RF Module

This is the module equipped with a Wi-Fi HaLow™ transceiver function.
This can be embedded in the customer’s system board and is usable both as an access point and an endpoint.

MCU Module

This is an MCU-embedded RF module for an endpoint, equipped with a microcontroller in addition to a transceiver function.
Connecting to sensor devices enables one to easily develop endpoint products.

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