2. Sustainability


Contributing to society by creating services and products in global demand

We promote sustainability initiatives in line with MegaChips management philosophy and core values.

MegaChips value of sustainability

Based on our management philosophy of fueling the company’s growth through “innovation”, having a trustworthy relationship with customers through “trust”, and creating products that benefit society through “creation”, MegaChips will contribute to achieving a more prosperous, safe, and sustainable society as a socially, environmentally, and people-friendly company through initiatives of corporate activities and business to solve social issues.

Management Philosophy 
“Innovation” : Innovation to fuel our growth
“Trust” : Having a trustworthy relationship with customers
“Creation” : Create products that benefit society

  • Management philosophy

Approach to Sustainability

① Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms
MegaChips will comply with all laws and regulations and the rules of the international community, and conduct fair and sound corporate activities that do not violate social norms in accordance with company rules and standards. MegaChips takes a firm stance against antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of society and will fulfill its responsibility as a corporation. In addition, we will continuously work on risk management initiatives and strive to prevent and reduce various risks. 

② Contributing to society by providing superior products
MegaChips contributes to creating sage and comfortable society by promptly responding to the needs of the market and its customers and providing system (device) solutions based on its proprietary technology, thereby gaining the trust of its customers. MegaChips takes on the challenge of creating new corporate value and goes to great lengths to enhance its product planning and development capabilities by fusing technology and wisdom.

③ Respect for human rights and creation of a comfortable work environment (Diversity promotion)
In addition to protecting safety in the workplace and health of all employees, MegaChips respects privacy and human rights and promotes the development of a workplace environment with diverse workstyles where staff can demonstrate their various skills. We will also foster a corporate culture in which each employee can exercise initiative and creativity while respecting personality and individuality, and develop highly specialized and creative human resources with rich originality.

④ Promoting fair transactions with business partners and suppliers
We will enhance healthy relationships with our suppliers and other business partners, giving due consideration to the laws and regulations of each country and international rules and norms, and engaging in fair transactions in free competition. At the same time, we will strictly prevent all forms of corruption with our business partners, including extortion and bribery. We will also strive to understand various issues, including human rights violations, in the supply chain, and promote the establishment of a sustainable supply chain.

⑤ Respect for stakeholders
In addition to respecting viewpoint of all stakeholders, MegaChips will build relationships of trust through proactive information sharing and communication and work together with stakeholders to resolve social issues. We also respect the traditions and culture of the local communities and enhance trust relationships with people, and foster engineers for the next generation to contribute to the development of the communities.

⑥ Contributing to the preservation of the global environment and the creation of a prosperous society
Based on the belief that it is essential to promote environmental conservation in order to realize a safer future society, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment by achieving “symbiosis between the environment and management”. We will continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities by manufacturing environmentally friendly products, increasing the efficiency of resource use in manufacturing, reducing the use of chemical substances, and reducing energy consumption during transportation.

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MegaChips in the Numbers (ESG Initiatives)

We aim to enhance corporate value and solve social issues.

As of the end of March 2023

Personnel Ratio by Gender

Male: 83% Female:17%

  • Personnel Ratio by Gender

Number of Employees


  • Number of Employees

Average Age of Employees


  • Average Age of Employees

Average Annual Income

9.07million yen

  • Average Annual Income

Average Overtime Hours

17.3 hours

  • Average Overtime Hours

New Graduate Retention Rate
(After 3 years)


  • New Graduate Retention Rate (After 3 years)

Ratio of Paternity Leave of Male Employees


  • Ratio of Paternity Leave of Male Employees

Remote Work Percentage


  • Remote Work Percentage

Electricity Consumption


  • Electricity Consumption

Gas Consumption


  • Gas Consumption

CO2 Emissions


  • CO2 Emissions

Director Independency
(ratio of outside directors)

40% (As of the end of June 2023)

  • Director Independency  (ratio of outside directors)



FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Employees (Number of people) 368 343 327
Ratio of Male Employees (%)


85.4 82.6
Ratio of Female Employees (%) 13.6 14.6 17.4
New Graduate Employees (Number of people) 10 8 15 *FY2023:23
Male Ratio (%) 70 63 53
Female Ratio (%) 30 38 47
New Graduate Retention Rate (After 3 years) (%) 77 100 90
Ratio of Female Managers (%) 4.5 5.3 6.6
Average Age of Employees 43.2 44.3 43.8
Average Annual Income (¥K) 7,708 8,517 9,066
Average Overtime Hours 10.0



Remote Work Percentage (Annual average)(%)

53 60 42.3 *1
Number of Paternity Leave 3 4 8
Ratio of Paternity Leave (%) 66.7 80.0 100.0


FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Electricity Consumption (kW/h) 1,175,139 1,011,365 945,802
Gas Consumption (m³) 58,133 52,019 69,685 *1
CO2 Emissions (Scope 2) (t-CO2) 607 521 600 *1

*1 Eased restrictions on attendance due to COVID-19.

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