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Application Specific Standard Product LSI

We provide semiconductors and tool kits, generating high-level innovation.


We aim to provide communication solutions that enable DX everywhere, such as within social
infrastructure (road, water, gas, and electricity), industry, fishery, and FA in the form of a stand-
alone device or communication module so that it is easier to use for customers’ needs.

Wireless Communication

  • Long-range communication Wi-Fi HaLow™(IEEE802.11ah)

Long-range transmission Wi-Fi HaLow™ (IEEE802.11ah)

Optimal wireless communication solution for next-generation IoT

MegaChips is the sole manufacturing and sales partner for Australian semiconductor company Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ IC. Morse Micro’s transceiver ICs achieve long-range, high-capacity communication and low power consumption, allowing for battery-driven operation.
Please contact us for Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow™IC.

High-Speed Wired Communication

  • 100BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY

100BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY

A new form of Ethernet that implements the reduction of wires and saves space

A pair of UTP cables enabling 100Mbps communication. We achieve high-speed communication with a lighter and lower-cost wire harness.

  • 100BASE-TX 2ch Ethernet PHY

100BASE-TX 2ch Ethernet PHY

Implementation of 2-Port Ethernet communication in 1 chip

100BASE-TX 2-Port PHY device. We save space within the chip area of industrial equipment controllers.

Power-Line Communication

  • Power-Line Communication

Power-Line Communication

Implementation of high-speed communication with existing power lines

Compliant with international standard IEEE 1901. We provide a high-speed wired communication network for urban infrastructure, such as with buildings and factories.

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