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Power Line Communication

BlueChip Plus series is an IEEE 1901 compliant high-speed wired communication LSI for infrastructure applications.
The wired network required in the IoT era can be constructed while using twisted-pair wires, coaxial lines, and power lines installed in the facility. We provide reliable telecommunication solutions in advanced applications including building automation, smart grids, and smart homes.


  1. Supports HD-PLC standards
    HD-PLC3 Complete and HD-PLC3 Multi-hop are supported.

  2. Up to 1024 nodes
    When connecting to a multi-hop network, up to 1024 nodes can be connected. It also supports 10 steps of hopping.

  3. DRAM integrated
    128Mbit DRAM is embedded and can reduce external components.

Package Appearance

  • Package Appearance

Block Diagram

  • Block Diagram


Frequency band 2-28MHz
Modulation method Wavelet OFDM

PHY Rate

Error correction Reed-Solomon, LDPC-CC
System Clock 125MHz
Power consumption 0.57W (Typ.)
Power saving Support save mode
Supply voltage 1.2V、3.3V
Operating temperature range

-40℃ ~ 85℃

Encryption AES-128bit
Package LBGA 238-pin (15mm x 18mm)

Please refer to the Broadband PLC page for details.

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