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  3. Our Philosophy

About MegaChips

Our Philosophy

MegaChips has been building trust with customers and sustaining growth by offering a broad array of highly original solutions as Japan's first fabless LSI maker in accordance with the management philosophy we developed at startup in 1990.

Looking ahead, MegaChips will innovate to respond to market change and will continue to offer solutions to resolve the issues that our customers confront. In doing so, we will continue to earn the trust of our corporate customers and create more appealing solutions that will help them expand their LSI and systems business.

MegaChips Identity

Management Philosophy
“Innovation” : Innovation to fuel our growth
“Trust” : Having a trustworthy relationship with customers
“Creation” : Create products that benefit society

Management Principles

  1. Satisfied employees are the core of our Company’s growth
  2. Expanding as an independent leader in the dynamic industry

MegaChips Mission

Prosper together with customers by utilizing our system solutions.

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