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Creating Unique Products
by Fusing Analog and Digital Technologies

MegaChips meets customers’ needs based on its proprietary technologies and the research and development of applied technologies to distinguish its products from those of competitors.
To ensure our superiority and uniqueness through research and development, we promote the protection of our own intellectual property rights.

R&D Policy:

Provide system LSIs and solutions with our unique analog and digital technologies.

Technology Areas

  • Analog

    We have analog technology, above all, proprietary high-speed, interface-related technology, and working with the development of products including G.fast, the global standard of ultrafast broadband technology, and the automotive Ethernet PHY, which will contribute to the infrastructure supporting the future network society.

  • Digital

    Amidst the rapid progression of digitalization of electronic products, we have supported the development of digitalization in “compression technology for images and videos” and “security technology”. Currently, we are developing products for IoT devices and will contribute further advancement of technology.

Major R&D themes

  • High-speed communication technology for automotive and industrial equipment
  • LSI for wired (coaxial and power line) multi-hop communications
  • Analog front-end LSI
  • LSI for storing game software for game consoles

First automotive Ethernet PHY by Japan’s manufacturer, supporting secure, safe and comfortable future automobile society

In 5G and IoT society, the improvement of electronics is rapidly expanding, particularly for connected cars equipped with communication functions and automatic operation. The reliability, higher speed, and enhanced capacity of communication networks are necessary for advanced accuracy of control and recognition functions in the various devices incorporated in these next-generation automobiles. As the first LSI manufacturer in Japan, MegaChips has developed the promising 100Mpbs PHY device conforming to 100Base-T1 corresponding to Ethernet as the next-generation in-vehicle LAN using our development manufacturing technology for high-speed wire communications. We also achieved high-speed communications and reduced power consumption with lightweight and low cost wire harnesses, that meets the high quality standards required for automotive electronic components.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Since MegaChips is a fabless manufacturer, our unique ideas, expertise, and other intellectual properties derived from R&D activities constitute the foundation of our competitive advantage. Accordingly, protecting our intellectual property rights will lead to greater competitiveness and growth potential.
We have filed patent applications such as high-speed wired communication, security for game consoles and image recognition.

Patent Applications and Registrations by Region*1
  • *1The number of cases shown are the cumulative total as of the end of March 2021.
  • *2“Others” denotes the number of applications for patents that are valid under international patent treaties in multiple countries where MegaChips may begin operations in the future.
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