We provide strategic solutions to solve your problems that range from ASIC full turn-key services to ASSP products leveraging our analog and digital technology.

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MegaChips’ business and achievements, strengths and strategies that contribute to offer competitiveness for our customers’ products and services, focusing on the system LSIs.

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ASICsApplication Specific Integrated Circuit

We Provide Optimal Solutions in Cooperation with leading Global Companies Using our Broad Knowledge and Expertise


Our development mission is achieving our customers’ competitiveness. We maximize the value of ASIC development responding to diverse product development challenges, such as unprecedented advanced functions and performance, cost optimization, and shortening development period.

ASSPsApplication Specific Standard Produce

  • Automotive Ethernet PHY

    Automotive Ethernet PHY

    Strike a balance between high-speed/high-capacity and reliability required for next-generation in-vehicle communications

    A pair of UTP cable is capable of transmitting 100Mbps. Lightweight and low cost wire harnesses achieves high-speed communications.

    Products for In-vehicle Network (YouTube) “KANADE”
    High-speed wired communication LSI (YouTube)
  • Broadband PLC (BlueChip Plus)

    Broadband PLC (BlueChip Plus)

    High-speed communications using existing power lines

    IEEE 1901 compliant.
    We provide high-speed wired communication networks for urban infrastructure, such as building and factories.

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  • Proprietary Technology

    Technology to support product development.

  • Quality Assurance

    We implement strict quality assurance systems in conjunction with our domestic and international manufacturing partners

We provide best solutions tailored to each development stage and theme.
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