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Strengths of MegaChips

Fusing LSI and Application Knowledge

ー Fusing LSI and Application Knowledge ー

We have dedicated to the development of system LSI as the partner for our customers over the past three decades. As a result, we have also acquired a wide variety of knowledge of applications including the final products and services in which our system LSI are equipped.
The fusion of our developed knowledge for LSI and applications continuously contributes to the problem solving and enhanced competitiveness of customers. We support the business success of our customers by providing a wide range of system solutions, such as ASIC, ASSP, and modules.

  • ASIC


We provide ASIC solutions to solve customers’ problems and needs. Based on our extensive ASIC development experience, we provide integrated support for planning, development, manufacturing, and supply. We also support various issues such as those regarding the cost, development period, and project management.

  • ASSP


We provide semiconductors and tool kits that help customers to generate groundbreaking innovation based on our wealth of experience accumulated in development and supply over the past three decades.

  • Module


We make modules with semiconductor products from our company as well as our partner companies and quickly conduct the process from prototyping to mass production. We respond to customers’ needs through our integrated support system from the point of the product’s concept design, through the steps of circuit design, physical design, manufacturing, and quality control.

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