Medium-Term Management Plan
(from 20/3 to 22/3)

May 2019

  • * MegaChips announces its three-year plan and numerical targets adopting a rolling method, in which the plan will be reviewed every fiscal year in response to changes in the operating environment.

We explicitly define areas to focus our managerial resources and provide customers a wide range of solution of originality leveraging creation of unprecedented new value and high technological capability to make both MegaChips and customers evolve into something better and grow together.

  • With focus our managerial resources into growth areas including automotive/industrial equipment and communication infrastructure, we optimize business portfolio by developing new business and pursue sustainable growth for medium to long term. Therefore, we are going to differentiate our products to solve customers’ problems and strengthen our solutions through enhancement of competitiveness of analog LSI technology and collaboration with overseas alliances.
  • In ASIC business, we strengthen and expand foundation of business for amusement that is our current major field, and also develop leading domestic and international customers in the new business market.
  • In ASSP business, we develop business in 5G communication infrastructure, automotive and IOT areas using analog/digital and MEMS technology as a core. In particular, we expand business with global leading customers centering on MEMS timing device.
  • We will strengthen advanced and creative human resources to support future growth through promotion of human resource development and diversity and work on environmental consideration in our business activities and contribution to society. We also advocate an approach for reinforcing managerial foundation so that we flexibly and rapidly adopt in changes of management environment such as enhancement of corporate governance and risk management system and improvement of equity ratio.

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