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100BASE-TX 2ch Ethernet PHY

MegaChips has developed a 100BASE-TX compliant 2-channel Ethernet PHY device. This is designed for use in industrial applications such as FA, highly focusing on noise immunity like ESD.


  1. 2-Port 100BASE-TX compliant Ethernet PHY
    2ch of MDI IF are incorporated for fieldbus use in FA control and other applications. Compared to the use of two 1ch products, it is possible to reduce the board area and BOM cost.

  2. Single power operation
    On-board LDO for the internal power supply operates externally with a single 3.3V power supply.

  3. Wide range of operating temperature
    Operating temperatures range from -40°C ~ +125°C.

Package Appearance

  • Package Appearance

Block Diagram

  • Block Diagram


Specification 100BASE-TX compliant (IEEE802.3u)
Package TQFP 80-pin (0.5mm)
Operating temperature (Ta) -40℃ ~ +125℃
Number of ports 2 ports
Data rate 100Mbps
Power supply 3.3V single
(Generate internal power supply 1.1V with internal LDO)
Power saving Supports sleep mode
ESD HBM: 6KV (MDI pin), 2KV (other)
MM: 200V, CDM: 500V
Functions supported Auto-Negotiation
External clock 25MHz (Supports resonator and oscillator)
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