Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Management System

MegaChips understands the importance of protecting the planet for future generations. Based on this understanding, we are committed to achieving symbiosis between our business and the environment, contributing to a greener and cleaner Earth. To achieve this, we have developed an environmental management system complying with ISO14001.

    Major Environmental Preservation Activities
  • Provide “Eco-Friendly and Recycling-Oriented Products” of low-power consumption and small size
  • Work on to “Reduce Environmentally Hazardous Chemical Substances and Conduct Green Procurement” based on our unique green procurement guideline
  • Put in an effort to “Promote Eco-Office Activities” for saving energy and natural resources
  • Strictly “Observe Regulations on Conflict Minerals Reporting requirements” and “Compliance with Laws and Other Requirements”

Certified to the ISO 14001 Standard

Certified to the ISO 14001 Standard

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems. It has been created for the purpose of minimizing the environmental impact of corporate activities. MegaChips has established an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard, as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing its global environmental impact.

Eco Products

MegaChips has grown through the philosophy of “innovation” to develop the Company’s business, “trust” to maintain its coexistence with customers, and “creativity” to continue to contribute to society. Based on this management philosophy, MegaChips will develop and grow together with its customers and contribute to the conservation of the global environment by using its unique technological capabilities to improve the functions, performance, and quality of LSIs, including low power consumption, miniaturization, and high-speed processing, as well as by providing solutions that save energy and resources.

Environmental Load Reduction with the Development of Eco Products

Environmental Load Reduction with the Development of Eco Products

Examples of Products

ASIC Design for Lower Power Consumption

The pursuit of lower power consumption in ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) development is essential now that environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important. Taking advantage of the strength of being a fabless company, MegaChips has achieved a significant reduction in ASIC’s power consumption by aggressively adopting low-power manufacturing processes provided by wafer fabrication vendors around the world and specialized libraries for low-power consumption provided by IP vendors. In the most recent concrete example, the application of technologies that dynamically control the CMOS transistors’ operating voltage achieved a more than 50% reduction in power consumption compared to when these methods were not incorporated.

These ASICs will be used in various application area, including industrial equipment, communications equipment, and IoT devices, and will contribute to supporting people's lives while being environmentally friendly. 

Contributing to the Use of Renewable Energy with High-speed Power Line Communication

PLC (Power Line Communication) is a technology that uses power lines as communication lines as well. MegaChips’ LSIs for high-speed PLC is, for instance, used in solar panels and wind power generation systems, contributing to use of renewable energy deployment. In addition, PLC is applied to systems that stabilize the balance between supply and demand of electricity.

1) Example of use in solar panels (in high volume production)

Example of use in solar panels (in high volume production)

2) Example of use in a wind power generation system (prototype under evaluation)

Example of use in a wind power generation system (prototype under evaluation)
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