Open Innovation

These days, “open innovation” is gaining attention as an ecosystem that will give birth to the next-generation industries.

Open innovation is the process that accelerates the creation of internal innovation by proactively using external knowledge and know-how to achieve goals. Today, many companies are adopting the open innovation as a means to pursue new value creation. Toward the achievement of sustainable growth over the mid- to long-term, MegaChips is working to launch new businesses through collaborations with companies and universities that have cutting-edge technologies and ideas, mainly in the United States.

Joint Project with “Santa Clara University” (SCU)

Background of Project Launch

Until now, the use of industrial robots has been limited mainly to automated production scenes. What was required of robots at the production sites was the performance of predetermined actions with high precision and speed. However, in the future, we can expect to see the arrival of an era in which robots will be used in various fields and situations that have been difficult to automate, such as logistics, agriculture, and food products, as well as medical care and nursing care. Viewing this as a field that offers a great opportunity to accelerate corporate growth, we have added robotics as one of our new fields of business. To succeed in this robotics business, it is necessary to have cutting-edge technology and superior know-how to create products that are one step ahead of other companies. In order to acquire these technologies and know-how, we focused on obtaining advanced IT technologies through our U.S. business advisors. In 2019, we formed a partnership with the SCU Robotic Systems Laboratory and launched a joint project in the field of robotics.

  • SCU Robotic Systems Lab
    SCU Robotic Systems Lab
  • University campus
    University campus

Projects (Technologies) Currently under Development

In future, these robots will need the ability to accurately recognize the surrounding environment and conditions from information obtained from various sensors, decide how to move, and precisely control the motor and other drive components in order to move as decided.

MegaChips started on the planning work in this series of technological fields from January 2020 and the project was launched full-scale in December 2020.

Since the start of 2021, MegaChips has been working on the development of a prototype for the proof of concept as well as making proposals to customers. We are also working closely with SCU while, at the same time, moving the project forward, including implementing individual courses by SCU’s professors for our employees and the development of the prototype with the support of SCU.


Project experiments at SCU

Project experiments at SCU

Future Outlook

MegaChips believes this joint project with Santa Clara University and open innovation is an extremely meaningful initiative. We will continue to move forward on this joint project and develop products needed by the public to achieve a sustainable society where humans and robots can complement one another in work and life.

Further, to promote the launch of new businesses in the MegaChips’ target fields, we will focus on strategic alliances and business investments with start-up companies with cutting-edge technologies and ideas, primarily in the United States. In 2021, MegaChips LSI USA Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary, invested in the establishment of a corporate venture capital (CVC) fund. In the future, MegaChips plans to promote open innovation not only in the robotics field, but also in the automotive, industrial equipment, and communication infrastructure fields where markets are expected to expand, thereby strategically creating and growing new businesses.

This is a stimulating opportunity to make new discoveries and gain new ideas

SCU has been very supportive from the ideation phase. The support covers not only technical aspects but also a wide range of areas related to the launch of a business, such as idea making process for application and detailed advice for customer presentations. This joint project has been a very stimulating opportunity for new discoveries and ideas for our participants.

Motoaki Yasui
Project Leader

Motoaki Yasui

Santa Clara University

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the hub of the world’s IT companies, Santa Clara University was founded in 1851 as the first private, four-semester university in California. While preserving the traditions of a devout Roman Catholic education, the university also focuses on practical fields such as business and engineering that are in keeping with the times.

Santa Clara University
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