Quality Initiatives

Quality Management System

Certified to the ISO 9001 Standard

Certified to the ISO 9001 standard

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems. Its objective is to improve product quality assurance frameworks and to increase customer satisfaction.

MegaChips has built a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard that complies with requirements for the automotive products, and established an organization to deliver higher quality products and services by making efforts to go beyond customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy

It is our mission to expand and grow together with customers leveraging our unique LSI system (device) solution and targets to be a company of social-friendly, eco-friendly and human-friendly taking advantage of our sophisticated technological capability.

Our greatest strength is "fabless business model" in which the production is fully outsourced and our unique business development based on the original technologies and innovations. We are committed to improve the quality of all aspects of our operations from product designs, R&D and production management to shipment and after-sale services and provide satisfaction for customers.

Following are the major activities that effectively maintain our quality management system.

  • With law-abiding spirits, we comply with laws and regulations with ethical responsibility, and strive to satisfy customers’ needs
  • Set quality goals company-wide and at each business division and promote activities to achieve those goals
  • Conduct assessment of the effectiveness of our quality management system and regularly review the management system to maintain quality
  • Notify all employees of the quality policy through all-hands meetings, bulletin boards, training and seminars and share as necessary according to positions and functions for quality enhancement activities.

Tetsuo Hikawa, President&CEO
MegaChips Corporation

Outline of ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Registrar Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)
Registered company MegaChips Corporation
Locations Head Office: 1-1-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku Osaka 532-0003, Japan
Tokyo Office: 17-6 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0082, Japan
Makuhari Office: 1-3 Nakase, Mihama-ku Chiba 261-8501, Japan
Certified units Planning, design/development, and manufacturing outsourcing of System LSI
Exceptions None
Registration date March 27, 2006
Approval Certificate NO. QC05J0270
Certificate Expiry March 26,2024

Commitment to Quality Assurance

For comprehensive quality management and assurance, MegaChips has built a system centered on the Quality Assurance Department. Through this system, appropriate guidance and supervision are provided to internal design sections and to contracted production plants.



Good design is the basis of high quality.

The Quality Assurance Department reviews the design from the perspective of a manufacturing and customer satisfaction to prevent any potential problem. The department also holds Technology Seminars and provides training to designers for the improvement of design quality.

Trial production

Select the optimum manufacturer from among multiple candidates.

We select the optimum contract manufacturer by assessing multiple candidates in terms of the technologies, facilities and experiences.

Reliability test

Verify the reliability that customers demand

We verify that devices have the reliability that customers demand through environmental and endurance tests.

Certified by customer(Customer evaluation using sample product)

Trial mass production

Conduct initial production checks on the mass-production line.

Once the device passes the operation verification on the customer's product, we start the mass production. We check the quality data in detail to make a final confirmation that there are no mass production issues with stable product quality.

Mass production

Regularly check the control data. Conduct periodical audits

We take steps in advance to prevent any technical problems and enhance production quality by evaluating and analyzing the control data from the production site as well as periodic audit of external manufacturing contractors.


If quality issue arises...

Rather than simply leaving it to the production site to inspect the root cause, we also analyze the LSI to determine whether there is a problem with the circuit. By working together with the production site, we can quickly and accurately identify if it is a problem with the circuit or with the production process and give appropriate directions and take steps for improvement.

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