IP Macros

In order to be able to bring customers' offerings to the market more quickly, MegaChips has a wide variety of analog and digital Intellectual Property (IP) portfolios. Among them, dedicated engineers propose reliable and optimal IPs from many IPs.
We collaborate with world-leading IP providers to provide an extensive lineup of IPs while focusing on developing and providing analog-to-digital IP that will become our core competencies. In particular, we are focusing on developing analog IPs such as SerDes, PLL, CDR, ADC, DAC with our strength in the high-speed communications field.

Provided Items When Using IP

  • Data Sheet
  • Characterization Report
  • Function Models (Verilog)
  • Timing View (.lib)
  • Integration Support

We are developing in-house IPs with a particular strength in the imaging field for digital-based IP.
We also offer a broad IP lineup that utilizes third parties to help customers efficiently select and use optimal IPs in developing ASICs. IPs of the MegaChips IP portfolio are taken from famous partners such as Synopsys, ARM, and Cadence.

IP Lineup

We offer an extensive IP lineup. Examples are 10Gbps SerDes IP for high-speed serial communication, an analog front-end IP for a home network such as HPNA/HD-PLC, an image-interface IP such as V-by-One, DisplayPort, and IO-Link transceiver for high-voltage applications.
The major IP in each field is listed below. Please feel free to contact us for other IPs or the customization of various IPs.

Analog IP Results

Category Macro Name Description Application
High-Speed Interface 10G SerDes Data rate: 10.3125Gbps 10G-EPON
Multi-Protocol SerDes Data rate: 1 to 16Gbps supported PCIe, V-by-One receiver, DisplayPort, SATA,
JESD204B/C, XAUI etc.
Analog Front End
Equipped with PGA, ADC, DAC,
HPNA 3.1, HomePlug, HD-PLC
Display/Video Processor Interface VxO 1.4 V-by-One receiver
Data rate:1.62~4.0Gbps
eDP 1.4 DisplayPort receiver
Data rate :1.62~5.4Gbps

High-Voltage Analog

IO-Link IEC 61131-9 compliant
Terminal equipment network
FA, Sensor
LED Driver Supports high-voltage output

General Purpose

Third-Party IP

When using third-party IP, more so than choosing the best one from a large number of IPs, in some cases, it takes time for appropriate price negotiations and licensing agreements that require legal and business negotiations to affect the ASIC development schedule.
To make third-party digital IP easily available, MegaChips has contracted partnerships with the world's leading IP providers including Synopsys, ARM, and Cadence. When customers choose IP from our partners, MegaChips takes on all IP-related tasks and shortens the time to market for ASICs.