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Evaluation module


MegaChips developed two types of 100BASE-T1 evaluation modules, integrating the 100BASE-T1 compliant Ethernet PHY with Power over Data Line (PoDL) features, with a power supply of 50W and 5W each. These modules are ideal for the evaluation of sending data and supply power over one single cable.


  1. Evaluation module of 100BASE-T1 compliant Ethernet PHY with PoDL
    Stable 100Mbps communication and power supply (5W, 50W) over the UTP/STP cable.

  2. Power over Data Line (PoDL)
    Class 3 (12V/471mA, 5W) and class 9 (48V/1.36A, 50W) are available.

  3. Abnormality detection and power supply protection
    Capable of detecting wire breakage or short circuits and controlling the power supply through reverse current/overcurrent/overvoltage protection functions.

Module Appearance (50W)

  • Module Appearance


Specification 100BASE-T1 (802.3bw compliant)
PoDL class 3 / 9 Power supply (802.3bu compliant)
Size 40 x 47 [mm]
Temperature range 0℃ ~ +105℃
Number of channels 1-port
Data rate 100Mbps
Power supply Module power 3.3V Single
PoDL power supply 12V ~ 48V (May be able to support other power ranges)
Power saving Supports sleep mode
Support function ・Wire breakage detection
・MDI polarity reversal detection/automatic protection
・Overcurrent protection
・Overvoltage protection
・Others (Refer to the product specification for details)
Cable Connector Number JAE: DZ17S002DJ1
HARTING: 0945 181 2810XL (Main)
     0945 500 2812 (Port)
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