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Evaluation module

100BASE-T1/TX Media Conversion

We developed an evaluation board that converts 100BASE-TX to 100BASE-T1. The output for 100BASE-T1 is equipped with a Power over Data Line (PoDL) circuit, which also enables the power supply. This evaluation module is ideal for a connection to devices equipped with the 100BASE-TX interface to evaluate 100BASE-T1 communications.

Main Features

  1. Evaluation module capable of 100BASE-T1 compliant communication and power supply
    This maintains stable communication and power supply with the UTP/STP cable.

  2. 100BASE-T1 evaluation
    Allows one to easily evaluate 100BASE-T1 communication by converting existing 100BASE-TX to 100BASE-T1 with this board.

  3. Power over Data Line (PoDL)
    A power supply voltage of 5V ~ 36V is supported.

Connection Image

  • Connection Image


Specification 100BASE-T1 (802.3bw compliant)
Size 70 x 34 [mm]
Temperature range 0℃ ~ +85℃
Number of channels 1-port
Data rate 100Mbps
Accessories AC adapter, cable for T1
Power supply 5V ~ 36V 
Power saving Supports sleep mode
Support function ・Media conversion for TX-T1
・Wire breakage detection
・MDI polarity reversal detection / automatic correction
Please refer to the instruction manual for details.

Please contact MegaChips for technical support such as for different types of connectors.

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