Employee-related Initiatives

Promoting Diversity

MegaChips is working to create not only a framework that allows its female employees to play an active role, thereby developing their careers and exercising their leadership skills, but also a work environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, can balance work and life and demonstrate their abilities.

Promotion of the Role of Women

MegaChips fully supports the aspirations of its female employees and the improvement of their existing skills or acquisition of new skills as well as career advancement with various policies aimed at raising awareness, such as leadership training for women and empowerment programs, while, at the same time, providing a place for female employees to consider their future career paths and develop in-house networks.

The women’s leadership training is a program that encourages participants to consider their own career path in a different light with respect to responsibilities and future careers, in order to motivate them to take on the challenge of becoming a leader as a part of their career and to contribute to MegaChips. In addition, the women’s leadership training provides an opportunity to consider women’s empowerment in a broad range of areas, including discussions on the themes of building career paths unique to women, exercising leadership, and creating a framework for active roles for women, as well as inviting guest speakers to introduce case studies from other companies.

  • Training sessions for women leaders
    Training sessions for women leaders
  • Attendees

Approach to the Promotion of Diversity within MegaChips

  • * Eligible participants are in parentheses.
  • * Permanent initiatives are in blue.


June Proposal from the internal Diversity Promotion Committee
December President declared the company-wide mission to promote diversity


January The first employee awareness survey on diversity * Since then, it has been conducted 4 times
May Lecture “Diversity is the key word to growth” by Kaori Sasaki
Lectures on diversity by external lecturers (section chiefs and above, women leaders)
July Participated in the International Conference for Women in Business as a diversity partner company.
September Panel discussion by leading companies in diversity held (section chiefs and above, women leaders)
November Started running two-day training sessions for women leaders
December Held diversity management training (section chiefs)


July Participated in the International Conference for Women in Business
September Held a lecture on diversity by an external lecturer (all employees) 
Held management training (section chiefs and group leaders)
November Held a panel discussion inviting an advanced multinational management company (all employees)


July Participated in the International Conference for Women in Business as a diversity partner company.


January Conducted lectures on work style reform (all employees)
February Conducted diversity management training (section chiefs and group leaders)
July Participated in the International Conference for Women in Business


May A lecture on women's activities by an external lecturer (all female employees)
June Started operation of empowerment program (all female employees who wish to participate)
December Held a performance on health literacy by a physician (all female employees)

Support for Second Careers for Senior Employees (Flexible Work System)

Looking ahead to various ways of working after retirement, MegaChips’ system allows employees who are 56+ years old to reduce both their working hours and base salary by 75% if they wish to do so and if their request is approved. We support the enhancement of various life events such as preparation for a second career such as a second job or caring for a family member.

Promotion of Diverse Work Styles

MegaChips believes that a transition to a work style with high value-added productivity is essential to enhance the significance of a company’s existence in society and that a balance between work and life is important for a diverse workforce to flourish. In order to realize reforms in the way we work that are in line with these objectives, we are actively working to create an environment where employees can utilize their individuality and skills.

Childcare Leave

In addition to the parental leave stipulated by the Labor Standards Act, employees can take childcare leave for up to two years after the date of the child’s birth. With both men and women being eligible for this leave, the rate of returning employees who used this system since its introduction to the present (as of the end of December 2021) has been 100%.

Nursing Care Leave

Employees who wish to care for a family member in need of nursing care may take a nursing care leave upon request. Although the leave is taken without pay, it is not treated as absenteeism for the purposes of calculating retirement benefits and bonus payments.

Telecommuting / Flexible Working

Even after the situation of the new coronavirus infection has settled down, MegaChips will have a system that allows employees to work from home to the extent that it does not interfere with their work responsibilities. This system has a synergistic effect with the existing flexible work hours (no core time) to efficiently secure opportunities for employees to be active.

  • Securing opportunities for employees to be active by not limiting their work style to coming to the office
    Securing opportunities for employees to be active by not limiting their work style to coming to the office

Career Development Support

Based on the idea that the most effective way for people to grow is to develop their own careers, we support our employees in setting their own career goals and developing their abilities autonomously.

Learning Language Support

Based on the basic idea that language is something you learn on your own, for your own sake, the company subsidizes the tuition fees of external services to encourage employees, especially those in their younger years, to learn foreign languages from an early stage.

E-learning Training by Job Level

We continuously provide education and training according to job rank and role so that each employee can further improve his or her skills, awareness, and behavior in accordance with his or her role in the organization and what is expected of him or her. At present, we mainly conduct training through e-learning, which ensures equal educational opportunities even under telecommuting and other work systems.

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