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Solution (Application)

Image Processing

Based on the extensive experience and design assets that we have accumulated in R&D as a development partner of our customers since our founding, we will solve customers’ problems by developing creative algorithms and architectures that are optimal for customers’ applications and contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the products.

Major Developments

  • Video transmission LSI: LSI for surveillance cameras equipped with real-time video codec (RVC)
  • LSI for TV: Equipped with picture-in-picture, double windows, and MPEG2 to H.264 transcoders
  • Resolution conversion LSI for projectors
  • LSI for digital still camera (DSC)
  • Media processor for mobile phones
  • Image recognition LSI

Example of Development of Image Recognition LSI (Parsley)

Parsley is a SoC configuration specialized for embedded image recognition and has the following features.

  • Strong image recognition DSP
  • DRAM-less: High-capacity SRAM + Flash (SiP)
  • Image processing accelerator
  • Necessary and sufficient peripheral groups
  • Expected applications: motion detection, tracking, gesture recognition, abnormal detection, and others
  • SoC configuration specialized for image recognition

Development Environment (SDK)

  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • Recognition algorithm programming can be started immediately.
  • Middleware conceals troublesome processes like video display and image input from a sensor.
  • Except for DSP programming, it can be controlled with a command I/F from the UART or push switch
  • An industry-standard OpenCV-compatible library is available in DSP programming.
  • Development environment (SDK)

Major IP/Subsystem for Image Processing

MegaChips maintains a development platform of various IPs and subsystems that are necessary for image processing and provides optimal ASICs to meet customer needs in a short period of time.

Using the IP of our edge AI partners can bring further added value.

  • Provision of Edge AI Subsystem

Provision of the Edge AI Subsystem

We co-design subsystems incorporating characteristic the edge AI IP according to the customer’s system. (We can also support a specified AI IP.)

  • Example 1: Intuitive UI subsystem (BrainChip IP)
  • Example 2: Image AI subsystem (Quadric IP)

Development Records

LSI for Digital Still Camera (DSC)

MegaChips DSC controllers have been adopted by leading camera and smartphone manufacturers and have gained a high reputation.

  • DSC-2 (Pixessor-1): Development started (1999), MP started (2001)
  • DSC-3 (Pixessor-1): MP started (2003)
  • DSC-3H (Pixessor-1): MP started (2004)
  • DSC-4L (Pixessor-2): MP started (2006)
  • DSC-4H (Pixessor-2): MP started (2008)

Media Processor for Mobile Phone

MegaChips media processors (MPEG4 and H.264 supported products) have been adopted by leading domestic mobile phone and game console manufacturers.

  • RSOC1: MP started (2001)
  • RSCO2: MP started (2003)
  • RSOC3: MP Started(2005)
  • SWAN: MP Started(2006)
  • SWAN2: MP Started(2007)
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