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Solution (Application)

Factory Automation

We integrate technologies cultivated in various ASIC businesses and contribute to downsizing, cost reduction, power saving, and stable procurement for our customers’ products.

Target Applications

MegaChips focuses on the industrial equipment field and defines the target applications as mechanical electronics parts that support factory IoT such as various industrial sensors as typified by photoelectric and proximity sensors, control devices including servo motors and amplifiers, PLC and inverters.

  • Target Applications

Specification Proposal

MegaChips utilizes the wealth of SoC development and participates from the stage of the specification study to propose an architecture that optimizes performance, cost, and power consumption.

In the actual development, we make use of the CPU subsystem and FPGA Prototyping Service to provide a development environment that enables highly accurate development in a short period of time.

Analog Design Technology


MegaChips owns a device transceiver IP that complies with IO-Link specification Ver1.1.3. In addition, we have various analog macro development platforms necessary for sensors including ADC, DAC, clock oscillators, and LDOs, contributing to the downsizing, cost reduction, and power saving for IO-Link supported products.

Example of IO-Link IP Solution (Photoelectric Sensor)

  • Example of IO-Link IP Solution (Photoelectric Sensor)

Advantage of IO-Link ASIC

  • Reduce PCB area by 1 chip
     Reduces PCB area by around 34% compared to a 3-chip configuration of a microcomputer + PHY + EEPROM
  • Power saving by circuit optimization
     Optimization of current driver (ex. 256mA → 100mA)
     1-chip sensor signal processing circuit
  • Compliance with IO-Link specification Version 1.1.3
  • COM1/COM2/COM3 maximum rating ±60V
  • Reversing polarity protection ±60V
  • Configuration capability of C/Q and DO
     PNP/NPN/Push-pull are selectable
     Adjustment function for the load current (8 ~ 256mA)
  • Wake-up request detection
  • Anomaly detection function
     Overload detection (current drive)
     Over temperature detection & thermal shutdown
     Low voltage detection
  • Hot-plug power protection for C/Q and DO
  • Embedded 5V & 3.3V LDO (±5%, max total 20mA)

Ethernet PHY

MegaChips commercializes a 100BASE-TX compliant 2-channel Ethernet PHY device. By incorporating this LSI into the SoC as an IP, we provide smaller sizes, lower cost, and power saving for devices with industrial Ethernet communication such as servo amplifiers and inverters.

Example 1: Ethernet PHY IP Solution

  • Example 1: Ethernet PHY IP Solution

Example 2: Ethernet PHY IP Solution

  • Example 2: Ethernet PHY IP Solution

Analog IP Development Platform

MegaChips maintains various analog macro development platforms required for industrial equipment, providing optimal ASICs that meet customer needs in a short period of time.

Quality Assurance/Long-Term Stable Supply

MegaChips is a pioneer in the ASIC industry using foundries.

Since our founding in 1990, we have adopted a fabless business model and established a quality and supply system that satisfies customer needs through strong relationships with foundry partners and a smooth supply chain both in manufacturing and quality.

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